WESTERN SPRINGS, IL — Western Springs officials are unsure whether a proposal for fiber optic cable in the village is related to the installation of 5G antennas, which many residents oppose for health reasons. The village sent out an email alert Wednesday night about the fiber optic application from Elmhurst-based LTS Technical.

On its website, the village said it would inform the public about the reason for the fiber optic cable once it finds out. LTS Technical's application is dated Tuesday. A map provided by the company shows the cable is planned for parts of Chestnut, Willow, 49th and 51st streets and Central, Gilbert and Grand avenues, among others.

LTS Techinical permit specialist Jorge Duarte responded to an inquiry from Western Springs Patch on Thursday morning. In an email, he said, "I will double-check with my managers about what information I am allowed to disclose at this time and will get back to you." A few minutes later, he wrote, "At this time, I am not allowed to disclose any proprietary information to any news media."

Much of the cable is near Forest Hills Elementary School. At this week's Village Board meeting, Village President Alice Gallagher decried a letter send to Forest Hills PTA members that she said was untrue. She did not discuss the content of the letter, but participants in the meeting later referred to stakes seen near the school. Officials said they did know what the stakes were for, but this was before the LTS Technical application. Western Springs Patch has filed a public records request for the letter to PTA members.

The village also has been dealing with concerns about utility poles in town that are apparently ready for installation. Residents fear they are also a part of the plan for 5G, which is the next wave of wireless technology. On Wednesday night, the village issued a statement saying ComEd plans to install the poles and that they are not related to 5G technology.

In both Western Springs and Hinsdale, residents have banded together to protest the possibility of 5G antennas, saying they fear the antennas' microwave radiation could cause a variety of health problems. Leaders from both villages are pushing the state to give greater local control over the placement of antennas.

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Last week, the village rejected a 5G antenna application from Houston-based Crown Castle, saying it was incomplete and deficient. The company said it is looking for alternative sites. Crown Castle's proposal called for a 7-foot-long antenna extending from a 24-foot utility pole.

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