John Scarffe, Arvada. Children, their parents and teens attended the Science Fun Night starting at 6 p.m. on Friday, September 27, 2019, at West Arvada Orthodontics,18148 West 92nd Lane, Suite #500, in Arvada, Colorado. The educational event included examining super interesting slides under the microscope, and then looking at three dimensional models of different cells using a huge projector screen. 

The event also offered different science related extremely interactive activities for all ages. Dr. Jennifer Friedman said she and her husband Dr. Ronen Friedman are proponents of educating parents, not just on their own cases, but on the science of what they are doing. 

During the event they were looking at different cell types under the microscope and asking the kids if they could figure out what they were looking at. They had a good time and Dr. Ronen led a lecture with a big projector and screen.

The parents were involved to help make sure the kids were relaxed and having fun. When folks attended the brewery next door, their kids came over, Dr. Jenny said. They gave out diplomas and served wine for adults with cheese and crackers for the kids. 

West Arvada Orthodontics takes pride in catering to patients with sensory issues such as autism, and the office is designed to be sensitive to those patients who have the ability to easily change the lights and sound with the touch of a button. “No other practice can do that for a relaxing atmosphere,” Dr. Jenny said.

Her passion is opening airways in children. If she can start treatment on them when they are young enough and while the jaws are still growing, she can help the children breathe better their entire lives and even prevent sleep apnea through orthopedics. “Autism has a correlation with sleeping disorders as well as ADHD and poor performance and at school, so that’s my passion, to help children breathe better and sleep better,” Dr. Jenny said.

The practice has invested heavily in the latest and most cutting-edge technology available in orthodontic treatment, according to a news release. Dr. Friedman has a unique set of skills for which she’s known internationally and has been cited more than 100 times in academic publications all over the world. 

Dr. Friedman and West Arvada Orthodontics takes a divergent philosophy and approach to education and collaborative treatment for the patient and the entire family starting from the initial visit and continuing throughout the treatment. Ronen Friedman, a medical doctor with an MBA in healthcare system design, can often be found avoiding his desk duties and instead teaching the kids, and frankly many adults, about the microscope slide of the day. 

“We have created a family oriented, collaborative, relaxing and soothing practice where every patient can control the amount of stimuli they are exposed to in every part of the clinic including sound, light, touch, pressure, interactions, and so on,” according to the release.

“We believe in bringing harmony to our patients’ smiles, but we also believe in bringing harmony to their lives by addressing clinical issues that many other practitioners often ignore when addressing only aesthetic concerns. We strive to create a uniquely serene environment for every patient of every age.”

West Arvada Orthodontics is opens five days a week with some days starting early in the morning so the kids don’t miss school and adults don’t have to miss work. Other days are open until the late evening, as well as being open on Saturday. “We love our community and it is truly an honor to be able to play a role in helping our fellow neighbors.”

For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, go to West Arvada Orthodontics on Facebook or the internet at 

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