A handy and efficient heating solution for your home, as well as drying your towels you can heat your bathroom separately to the rest of your home with an electric towel radiator. Our electric towel radiators come pre-filled with their elements and adjusted for electrical use.

Designed to run independently from your central heating using mains power, electric towel radiators are a great solution for your bathroom if you don’t want to move your existing pipework. Turn them on or off at the touch of a button, for a welcoming blast of warmth that keeps your bathroom warm and your towels dry during the chilly winter months.

We have a variety of classic and stylish vertical flat electric towel radiators that will add a touch of contemporary design to your bathroom. With multiple sizes to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your home. Not only do they keep your bathroom warm, but they have plenty of rails to hang your towels on.

Our vertical curved electric towel radiators feature sleek D curved rails as opposed to flat rails. Offering a slightly increased airflow between the radiator and bathroom wall, curved rails are a great choice if your family uses a lot of towels.

Our range of electric towel radiators features a number of sizes and styles, including small towel radiators, which are ideal for smaller bathrooms where space is limited. At just 400mm x 700mm, they can be easily installed on your wall without encroaching on your valuable space, allowing you to keep compact bathrooms warm and cosy whilst heating your towels.

Ash Soda

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